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  • The On Demand Library, both beginner and intermediate workouts

  • Workouts designed to not only to tone and shape your body but also improve flexibility and posture!

  • 1-1 mentoring to keep you accountable for all your goals

  • Private community membership to inspire and motivate

  • Personalized meal plans and private nutrition coaching

Mission Statement

Juliana Román is a personal fitness trainer and nutrition coach who empowers working women to build a body and life they love {through dance conditioning, body weight movement & 1:1 mentoring} and be able to live the life they want with unstoppable self confidence!


Deborah G.

I have always tried to stay active through work, sport and various activities. And since this past year has had so many challenges, I was searching on-line for something to get me "back on track", so to speak. This is when I found dance physique fitness. I questioned myself at first since I don't have a dancing background but, I admire the beautiful strength of a dancer's body. So, I tried. Each day was challenging for me, but Juliana motivated and encouraged me to continue. She made my at-home body sculpting experience AMAZING! In a short time, I feel stronger, my balance is improved as is my flexibility. I love getting a great workout from the comfort of my home and instead of using weights, using my own body to build muscle. Juliana, Thank you for getting me "back on track" by building my confidence and strength in body and mind.

Sarah G.

Dance Physique Fitness is a whole-body program that uses dance conditioning exercises to strengthen and tone the body. Normally, I am somewhat apprehensive with online training programs. However, Juliana successfully provides her clients with an engaging and immersive workout experience. I would highly recommend her program to anyone interested in training like a dancer and building that “dancer physique”. Along with nutritional coaching and guidance from Juliana, Dance Physique Fitness is the perfect option for one-on-one training at a distance.

Jessica. H

I never have done workout training from home before, but Juliana made that experience amazing for me! During the 5 day jumpstart challenge it took me a little over a week to finish but I am so proud of myself for doing it. I feel like I can already see my body changing for the results I want. The 60 seconds of nutrition after each workout really helped put into perspective for myself what I was doing wrong with my nutrition and how I can easily improve it. I am so happy I found Juliana to help train me and motivate me throughout my fitness journey!

Alena .A

Working out has never been my strong suit, but I do challenge myself often. Starting a program that was “dance based” had me worried but once I started doing the movement and actually getting through a work out I found that with practice it became easier and now I feel like I can try more dancing 💃🏽

Christine S.

Working 1-1 with Juliana is amazing!!! I recommend anyone who is trying to workout at home during COVID to work with her because with her program you will see results! I could see changes in my mind and body the week after I signed up. You need to only put in the work yourself to get the results you want!!

If you're ready to commit to an exercise routine scheduled only for your life - becoming a DPF member will not only improve your physical health but your mental health too! With one on one training ,ongoing personalized support and nutrition coaching becoming a DPF member will help you stay on track, see results and become the best version of yourself!

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